Mission Statement
Declaration of Purpose
A legitimate Militia pursuant to the ends of Amendment 2 of the United States Constitution, shall preserve the life, liberty, and property of all law-abiding citizens within its area through the preparation, training, and support of a lawful citizens’ group outside the jurisdiction of government. To better aid the defense of liberty, Texas State Militia shall train citizens within a well regulated organization dedicated to upholding our natural and inalienable rights and the constitution of the State of Texas.

Who we are…

  • Your neighbors, friends, co-workers, family members.
  • Committed to assist and defend our community, state and nation.
  • Dedicated to training and preparation.
  • Freedom-loving patriots.
  • Citizens, retired/active law enforcement, fire, and military veterans.
  • An organized militia under the US/Texas Constitutions and US Code.
  • Sworn to uphold and defend the US and Texas Constitutions
Who we are not…
  • We are not vigilantes or radicals.
  • We are not a shadow, fringe group.
  • We are not outlaws, rebels or insurgents.
  • We are not a racist or white supremacist organization.
  • We are not a hate group.
We personally interview and screen all new recruits in an effort to discourage such elements from joining our ranks