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Join Up!

Should I join?

The Texas State Militia is a network of companies made up of responsible, conscientious Texans. Each militia man and woman has a measured, moral character. We are not a religious organization, but do adhere to the Judeo-Christian morals and ethical codes of equal treatment among genders, races, religions, and abilities.

If you wish to protect and serve your fellow Texans, and you believe that “all men are created equal”, you belong.

If you believe the US Constitution and its limitations on government are the best way to protect our natural freedoms, you belong.

If you ever wanted to join the military or law enforcement but were not able to due to life, family, or medical reasons, you belong.

If you previously served the US military and are looking for a brotherhood again, you belong. (current US military service members may not join due to US restrictions)

If you are a law enforcement officer and are looking for a group of citizens who respect you and your oath, you belong.

If you are a Texan who wants a support network because you fear a coming collapse or drastic change in our American way of life, you belong.

Can you make a difference?

What does it take to join?

  1. 18 years of age or older. We will accept members of 15-17, but they must be chaperoned by a guardian who is an established and patched-in member.
  2. US Citizen.
  3. Texas Resident.
  4. Current members of the United States military may not join per US Code 32 Sec 109.
  5. You must complete an application (link below).
  6. Applicant must be of sound mind and judgment. We will not accept members who are prone to long, anti-governmental rants, extremist, anti-constitutional views, or who get obsessed with conspiracy theories.
  7. Applicant can not have any felonies or misdemeanors of a violent nature.
  8. Must pass a complete criminal and internet background check.
  9. Must attend a one-on-one interview.

Apply to Join

Choose the closest region near you to view their website and apply.

Some regions may have multiple companies or fireteams within.

Austin Company

Brazoria Company

Houston Company

West Company

Don’t see a company near you?

Want to start a company or apply for your company to join TSM?