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Texans serving Texans.

Service, Defense, and Rescue.

Who We Are

The Texas State Militia is an all-volunteer, independent, reserve militia network in the State of Texas. It is comprised of multiple companies across the state who have decided to follow common bylaws of the Texas State Militia.

Our Oath

We take the same oath that law enforcement and military members take: to support and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign or domestic. We believe in inalienable, natural rights for all humanity.

Our Mission

To service our communities and the State of Texas. Whether that be through defense of life liberty or property, support of law enforcement, or volunteerism within our communities, we believe We The People are our best resource.



Defense, SAR, medical, prepping, and communications training are all integral parts of our training curriculums. TSM provides training to Texans without regard for their immutable qualities.


We believe that the people of a community are capable of providing faster, superior support to their fellow citizens. Often when waiting for government support, immediate assistance can be right across the street.


TSM is dedicated to local defense in support of our state law enforcement and military. In times of an increasingly unstable world, TSM seeks to train citizens to organize and prepare community defense actions.

Find Your Company

We have companies across the state of Texas! Find one near you.

A Place for Everyone


From sustainment, to engineering, to technology, TSM trains to bring resources and technical capabilities to bear in order to achieve our mission.


Each militiaman is trained in TCCC techniques and is incorporated into their companies medical team to support disaster victims and to provide casualty care.

Team Tactics

Functioning as a team provides exponential returns. Special focus is placed on providing militiamen with the group tactics necessary to overcome their objective.


Patrolling is a core component of access denial. Securing your community in a WROL or combat scenario requires a multi-layered security scheme.


Intelligence products can come from a variety of different sources, but none are more valuable than direct observation to provide context to intel.

Search & Rescue

Search and Rescue operations require trained militiamen and coordination to be successful. Our goal is to save lives and everything we do is to that end.

Ready to join the greatest Militia in Texas?