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Welcome to South Texas!

Benefits of Joining Us

Training & Comradery

Why should you join the Texas State Militia in South Texas? You could become part of an exceptional community dedicated to skill enhancement and camaraderie. While we encourage daily individual training, we come together for an action-packed weekend each month, making it convenient for everyone to participate. As a volunteer member, you’ll be able to advance your abilities in field operations, master the art of communication with radios, and navigate with precision using advanced land navigation techniques. Whether you want to sharpen your skills or learn something new, our supportive and dynamic training sessions will prepare you for anything. Embrace the challenge, support your community, and experience the thrill of our monthly training weekends.

Community & Family

You have the chance to socialize with like-minded individuals who are passionate about serving their community. Our diverse group includes people of all ethnicities and backgrounds, united by a common goal. You’ll connect with others who share your dedication to making a positive impact, and you’ll gain invaluable education and support for times of need. We proudly welcome everyone, focusing on developing well-rounded citizens ready to help the South Texas community thrive. Experience the camaraderie and fulfillment that comes from being part of a group committed to making a difference!

Check out our area of operation! If you’re ready to join the best militia in South Texas, click the button below.

“We stand for what is right. Every human deserves to be respected and treated as such while doing the same to others.” -Tip