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About Us

Who we are.

We are Texans. We come from all walks of life; we do not discriminate. Our members comprise the very diversity that Texas offers, from veterans to civilians, from black to white, male to female, Christian to atheist. The only ideological requirement we have, is that our members believe in and love the United States Constitution. Each member takes an oath to defend that document and to the state of Texas against all enemies, foreign or domestic.

Simply put, the Texas State Militia is a network of lawfully organized reserve militias in the state of Texas. Our members are normal Americans who have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution, and the life, liberty, and property of all Texans.

Structure is key.

Every member in every company abides by the Texas State Militia bylaws. These bylaws dictate the structure and character requirements of the unit and its command.

While each commander has sovereignty over their company and area of operation, the state organization has a board of commanders. Each Commanding Officer has a vote on matters of state importance.


We believe the best support comes locally through you, your family, and neighbors. We seek to train you and others like you nearby to be able to work together in troubled times to keep yourselves and your community safe.

Deeply Committed

You will not find a group of people more committed to your natural or God-given liberties and freedoms in Texas.


We are trained for multiple scenarios including civilian defense, search and rescue, disaster relief, and logistical support.


Stephen F. Austin wrote his order creating the first Ranger force on the back of a land document dated August 4, 1823. The company was led by Lieutenant Moses Morrison.

The Texas Militia has been serving Texas as far back as the Texas Rangers in 1823. Everyone from American settlers, to Native Americans, to Mexican citizens have served in the Texas Militia and protected Texas lands.

Today, Texas citizens across the state of all races, genders, and creeds serve in The Texas State Militia.