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Wildfire Relief

Our West Texas company traveled to Pampa, TX area to help a rancher recover from the wildfires by helping with fencing. He needed help since he was an older gentleman. Most of his land was burned with some damage to… Read More »Wildfire Relief

West Texas Wildfires

The wildfires raging through the Texas Panhandle are the largest to ever hit the state and are covering over 500,000 acres and growing. The flames, fueled by dry conditions and strong winds, have ravaged acres of land, destroying homes, displacing… Read More »West Texas Wildfires

Honor Guard

Our Honor Guard did a wonderful, selfless ceremony for Leonard Eugene Russel, a Navy Veteran Texan. Our goal is to show our commitment to Texas, and the reverence we hold for those who lay down their lives for our freedoms.… Read More »Honor Guard

Splendora Search & Rescue

We conducted a successful search and rescue operation for a teenage boy who had gone missing in Splendora. We utilized our training to plan and organize, search through densely wooded areas retaining comms discipline, always maintaining personnel accountability, and taking… Read More »Splendora Search & Rescue